1) Sustained Profitable Growth, Excellence in Performance, Use of State-of-the-art Technical Expertise, Innovativeness and Capacity Building to Meet Society's Needs Globally. 2)To be a leader in the development, implementation and maintenance of innovative and sustainable waste management solutions globally to preserve our planet. 3)To protect, preserve and nourish the environment as a blessing for our future generations and to safeguard our people from the harmful effects of pollution.


1) A Global Leader in Manufacturing, Consultancy & Engineering, Development & Construction providing Integrated & Customized Solutions for Sustainable Development of various Infrastructure Projects. 2)To ensure the manufacturing and delivery of integrated, cost-effective and environmentally sound waste management systems. 3)The vision of the organization is a clean, graceful and well-preserved environment which acts as a cornerstone in achieving Sustainable Development.



We have been dealing with Hotels and restaurants for past 10 years and I am a satisfied customer through out the process of our Waste management deals and contract.



Mind-blowing design, installation of new model Fuel Free waste burning incinerator with water scrubber. The method is professional, creative and knowledgeable. Our designers and developers are experienced.

C.Chandra Sekhar


I am very satisfied with Yong's Automatic Snacks and Beverages Vending Machine Service. Also Our Staff are very happy. Yong's Vibrant staff personnel are very active in refilling and maintaining the product. Thank You Yong Enterprises for your Service.

UST Global

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