Key Features

No need of any fuel for burning the waste.

Best suitable when the major share of the waste is dry waste.

Negligible operational & maintenance cost.

Available in capacities ranging from 20kg to 200kg.

Construction & Working

Oxygen is the best fuel. The proper flow of oxygen is the most important element to open a fire. The oxygen fuel based GomyWaste incinerator burns any solid waste into pure ash within seconds.

Primary Chamber: Suitably fabricated with6mm thick mild steel WxDxH: 400mmx400mmx500mm and manually operated door with inner side built with premium quality re-factory bricks. 1mm Thick aluminum sheet cover over 50 mm thick glass wool insulation. You can dump garbage at front end and collect ash at bottom End

Erection: Erected upon 4 legs made of high quality TATA Steel pipe @ 60mm above ground level.

Chimney: Made of M.S Pipe of dia. 140 mm, thickness 4mm,height 6 m from respective ground level.

Ladder and Platform: For loading waste. G.I.Square Pipe of size 2.50 mm x 2.50 mm @ 75 cm width with platform size 60 x 75cms.

Cross-section of burning chamber